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Dartmoor Bird Report 2017

A Dartmoor Bird Report for 2017 has been compiled by Peter Reay and Fiona Freshney.  Part of this will be published in the 2017 Devon Bird Report, but the full version is available now on the Devon Birds website

The report reviews 14 surveys and projects as well as the 146 species recorded during the year, mostly based on records submitted to Devon Birds.  Roger Smaldon’s The Birds of Dartmoor, published in 2005, remains the main source of information on Dartmoor’s birds, but annual reports provide additional information on recent trends and unusual events. Dartmoor Bird Reports were published by the (now defunct) Dartmoor Study Group between 1996 and 2014, and an unpublished report was produced for 2015.  There was no report for 2016, but hopefully that for 2017 will signal the return of an annual Dartmoor bird report.  As with all reports, validity and usefulness will depend on observers continuing to submit clear and unambiguous records (with a busy comments column), including those that may seem insignificant in a county context, but which could be important for Dartmoor.

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