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Devon Birds Council Meeting 31st October 2018

The meeting of Devon Birds Council at the end of October covered a range of issues including decisions to continue giving funding support for next year to support ongoing research projects related to Spotted Flycatchers, and Wood Warblers in 2019.  This support is in conjunction with the RSPB in both instances and reflects the importance that Devon Birds attaches to further the study of birds in the field and assist in their conservation.  The Spotted Flycatcher has also been at the centre of a nest box scheme led by Colin Randall whereby not far short of 100 boxes have been erected during 2018.  Over the coming years there will be follow up to see what level of occupation of the boxes is achieved.

News from the branches included confirmation from Mid Devon that funds have been obtained for the erection of a range of nest boxes around Hatherleigh Moor, and that in addition nest boxes for Pied Flycatchers are to be provided for Stoke Woods.  From the Plymouth Branch it was reported that there will be a third survey of bird species around Buckland Abbey in conjunction with the National Trust.

The Council also approved the involvement of Devon Birds in working with the RSPB to carry out a Willow Tit Survey over 2019 and 2020 which will commence in the first place between February and April 2019.  Willow Tits are a red listed species, and further information as to how people can become involved with this important exercise will be circulated in due course

Shaw Edwards

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