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Devon Birds Membership Survey – Summary of results

Below we have summarised the results of the survey sent out to all the members of Devon Birds on behalf of the Council at the beginning of this year.  The results of this survey were presented to this year’s AGM, and it was thought that it might be useful to share a summary of the responses.  Overall there was around a fourteen per cent response rate which we are informed is not untypical.  Ninety-three percent of respondents were either “satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with Devon Birds.  The subsequent questions had a similar balance of supportive responses.  However, it is apparent that there is an issue that needs to be addressed around the way that communication is handled to ensure that information reaches all the membership of Devon Birds.  In addition, there were a range of comments and suggestions made by members, and the Council will endeavour to take account of this feedback as appropriate in improving the overall running of Devon Birds.

Figures shown below are percentages.

How satisfied are you with Devon Birds?

Extremely satisfied – 47%;  Satisfied – 46%;  Neutral – 3%;  Dissatisfied – 1%;  Extremely dissatisfied – 3%

Which events have you attended in the past 12 months?

AGM – 24%;  Field meetings –  38%;  Indoor meetings – 38%

Have you participated in bird surveys in the past 12 months?

Yes – 20%;  No – 80%

Do you feel that surveys are important for DB?

Yes – 98.5%;  No – 1.5%

Have you visited a DB reserve in the past 12 months?

Yes – 39%; No – 61%

Have you carried out any voluntary activities?

Yes – 12%;  No – 88%

Are you willing to participate in voluntary activities?

Yes – 28%;  No – 72%

Do you feel that DB should support conservation activities?

98.5%;  1.5%

Are you satisfied with the information you receive?

Yes – 91%;  No – 9%

Are you satisfied with the DBR?

Yes – 95%;  No – 5%

Are you satisfied with The Harrier?

Yes – 90%;  No – 10%

Are you aware that The Harrier is now a blog?

Yes – 52%;  No – 48%

Have you subscribed to The Harrier blog?

Yes – 29%;  No – 71%

Are you a member of one of the Branches?

Yes – 37%;  No – 63%

How do you keep informed about DB activities?  (Shown as percentage of overall responses)

Website – 74%;  The Harrier – 81%;  Other – 13%


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