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Have your say on the future of food and farming

Defra has recently launched a consultation on the future of farming policy in the UK after we leave the European Union.  How the land is farmed is one of the key factors determining how our birdlife and other wildlife fares in the future, so this is a really important issue for those that care about nature.  Many organisations such as RSPB, Friends of the Earth and Garden Organic are involved in giving their views and are asking their members to do so too.

The Government are saying they will make the environment their main priority for their spending on farming, and they want to know what you think about their proposals.  They are looking at paying farmers to restore habitats and wildlife numbers, and funding them to farm in ways that helps improve water and soil quality and manage the impacts of climate change (for example by helping to prevent flooding).

You can give your views online here or you can put them in an email and send to  The deadline is Tuesday, 8th May.

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