The Harrier

Subtitle: The newsletter of Devon Birds

Month: May 2018

28th May 2018

“Seabirds Count is the 4th breeding seabird census to be conducted in Britain and Ireland. Although data has been collected since 2015, there are still many sites needing to be surveyed. In Devon there are 29 non-urban seabird breeding sites that will need to be surveyed either this season or the 2019 season as set out […]

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23rd May 2018

Below we have summarised the results of the survey sent out to all the members of Devon Birds on behalf of the Council at the beginning of this year.  The results of this survey were presented to this year’s AGM, and it was thought that it might be useful to share a summary of the responses.  […]

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7th May 2018

Recording▸Cuckoos In order to identify possible Cuckoo strongholds, and inform conservation measures, we first need to build up a good understanding of the current local distributions of Cuckoos. So we would like to collect as many Cuckoo sightings in Devon as possible, from Devon Birds members and the general public, for our live map below. […]

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2nd May 2018

Defra has recently launched a consultation on the future of farming policy in the UK after we leave the European Union.  How the land is farmed is one of the key factors determining how our birdlife and other wildlife fares in the future, so this is a really important issue for those that care about […]

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