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Dartmoor Ring Ouzels 2018

Dartmoor Ring ouzels 2018

March is fast approaching and our local population of ring ouzel will be returning from the Atlas Mountains soon, usually appearing on Dartmoor later that month. Survey last year revealed only 6 pairs (optimistically 7, but unproven) with the gradual decline from about 11 pairs in 2010 continuing. This year there will be no formal funded survey (the first gap in 8 years constant survey undertaken primarily by myself and Nick Baker aided by a range of volunteers and contributors), but I would like to follow their progress nonetheless and will be making a few trips out to breeding sites during the season.

If any Devon Birds members feel they might be visiting ring ouzel sites during the breeding season (roughly April to August) I would be happy to collate sightings (as in previous years) under my new role as ‘Dartmoor Moorland Bird Advisor’. In the absence of a formal survey it might still be possible to gain some idea of breeding numbers and use of breeding sites. I would be happy to provide interested parties with a couple of updates during the season and would produce a brief breeding season report the results of which would be fed-back to Devon Birds and to the RSPB who have co-ordinated much of the previous survey effort.

If you would like to be involved or have a ring ouzel sighting you wish to pass-on please e-mail me or call me on
07738 977413
Fiona Freshney
Dartmoor Moorland Bird Advisor

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