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Devon Birds – Books for sale

The following second hand books are offered for sale (minimum offer £5 + postage). Offers should be made by email to the Secretary, Mike Daniels, ( ) by 15th November 2017. All receipts and donations will help towards Society Projects and Conservation.

British Birds (bound copies) 1970-2016

The Birds of Devon (Moore)

Wild China (Chapman) (BBC books)

Skomer (Graffey)

Art of the New Naturalists (Collins)

A History of Devonshire Ornithology (Jenks) (Isabelline Books)

The Red Kite (Carter)

Montagu’s Harrier (Clarke)

Bird Migration (Berthold) (Oxford)

Bird Ringing for Science & Conservation (Euring)

The Wheatear (P Corder)

The Hobby (A Chapman)

The Life of the Robin (D Lock)

Wild America (R Peterson & J Fisher) (Collins)

Birds of the Channel islands (R Dobson)

The Birds of Lundy (JN Dymond)

The Redstart (J Buxton) (Collins)

The Buzzard (CR Tubbs) (David & Charles)

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